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You aren’t just walls and furniture, There is more to you Not just the faded old paints, there are my pencil scratches too Not just the broken windowpanes, behind them lies a saga, An array of tales laden with mischief and delight Not just a shelter, you’re a warm hug in the coldest of winters Not just a cover, you’re an escape from the scorching … Continue reading Home

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“Cover” or “No Cover”

Hello Friends! Although I wanted to, but sadly couldn’t spare time to write anything for the Women’s day, so I’m reposting this one which I believe goes very well with this special theme. This post is dedicated to all the women out there and it’s based on one of those subjects that I’m personally interested in and most importantly, it’s beyond the concepts of religion. … Continue reading “Cover” or “No Cover”

Just Like My World

CAN YOU SEE THE SUN Rising above the horizon Bringing in new hopes Throughout the globe! Empowered women Holding their hands are men Sovereignty in the air No inhibition, no fear! Oppressed? Who is? Sexualisation? What’s that? Patriarchy? Are you nuts! Gender bias? C’mon! Life is a carriage Genders… it’s parts Remove one The motion stops! He is the shield, She knows compassion Life’s a … Continue reading Just Like My World